It is easy to travel back and forth to Halmstad by train. There are good connections both from north, through Gothenburg, and from south, through Malmö and Copenhagen. From the train station it is about 10 km to Hotel Tylösand. The local bus operates the route to Tylösand frequently, or if you prefer, you can book a taxi via the number stated further down this page.

For more information about tickets, departures and more:

SJ:s website (train operator)



Halmstad has a small airport – Halmstad City Airport, which serves Bromma Stockholm airport. From Bromma Stockholm airport you can easily connect to other bigger cities.  If you plan to travel from a smaller city, train is recommended.

Halmstad City airport is served by air leap airline. For more information about tickets, departures and more:

Air Leap website


Local bus with public transport

Once in Halmstad it is easy to get to Hotel Tylösand with the local bus service. Bus 30 leaves every 30 minutes from the city centre to the hotel.

For more information:

Hallandstrafikens website (bus operator in Halmstad)



Taxi Halmstad +46 35 – 21 80 00

Sennans Taxi +46 35 - 661 11

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